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The Buzz On The Street

Thanks so much Leslie for your help with my goal setting. I am all too aware that I did not get to where I am today all on my own. It took a lot of encouragement & numerous failings to find my success. Working with you was when I decided to focus on TV and Film and start chasing after new dreams. So, thank you for your guidance!

Vincent Rodriguez III
Vincent Rodriguez III Series Regular "My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"

Actors often forget that ‘show business’ is a business. Leslie is an organizational genius who will show you how to be your own CEO, CFO and CMO. The detailed goal setting, audition log, income and expense reports and marketing tips in The Organized Actor® will help you quickly turn your acting hobby into an acting career.

Heidi Dean
Heidi Dean Social Media Strategist for Actors

Leslie's ability to actively listen and hear what you want and need, mixed with her years of knowledge, creates a space for you to open doors you didn’t know were possible.  Beyond all this she is just a good, kind, and beautiful person. You are lucky to be in her presence, and she lets you know that she is also lucky to be in the presence of you.  Don’t hesitate to soak up anything Leslie has to offer.  She is simply the best and will change your life for the better!

Jeffrey Schecter
Jeffrey Schecter Broadway Actor, Filmmaker, Owner "I Can Do That" Dance School

Leslie gave me the tools to direct my life and my career upward. Her passion for seeing me as the individual I am, and her drive to help me achieve my actual goals, allowed me to be completely honest with her and myself, kicking off a journey where I could finally release myself of the past and be the best version of myself today. Now I am sharing gifts in both my career and personal life that I nearly convinced myself were impossible.

Jordan Wall
Jordan Wall Series Regular "The Glades" and "Haileah"

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