Sending you love and resilience during this difficult time. The Organized Actor® is transforming soon to serve creatives of all kinds and will soon be called Unstoppably Creative. But don't worry, all of our wonderful things for actors will still be available for you! Look for announcements soon!

The Organized Actor

Well, hello there!

I'm Leslie Becker, otherwise known as The Organized Actor®! I balance a busy life as a Broadway Actress, Writer and Creative Empowerment Coach. I have helped thousands of actors, artists and entrepreneurs get organized and create a career and a life that they love.

I'm equal parts right and left brain, and refuse to be put in a box. I believe that talent is a privilege and a gift to be used to create joy and abundance for yourself and others! While I'm proud of the cool things I've created in my life, I'm most proud of having helped others to do the same.


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