I love giving gifts!

It’s one of the joys of the holidays, especially if you totally surprise someone with something they would never expect, but secretly were wishing for. Here is a special list of goodies that can have big impact ranging from $0-$350.

1. Give him/her a date night away from their kids. This free gift can make everyone happy! You get to babysit your friend’s kids, they get to have a date night… all is merry and bright! #dinnerfortwo

2. Sealed With a Kiss. Tired of having your stage kisses turn into red lipstick wars? If you have an actor friend who is always playing the love interest, an $8 tube of this gem will give her the gift of kissable lips AND keep her lipstick where it belongs. #herlipsaresealed

3. Brush-on Eyelash Glue. I died and went to heaven when I discovered this magical thing! For years, I’ve used the tried-and-true tube glue that smells like dead fish, sometimes squirts too much glue, and sometimes seals over. But this brush-on eyelash glue is soft on the skin, never leaves a sticky film, and still smells like nothing since the day I bought it. When I found it, it felt like I had hit the lifesaving jackpot! Approximately $11. #eyelashmagic

4. Slippers. There’s nothing worse than a cold dressing room floor when you’re out of town or touring. Find a fluffy, cushy, uber-comfy pair for your favorite friend. Why not make this gift super unique with some animal slippers! Around $6-$30. #cozytoes

5. The Organized Actor®. I mean, come on! How could I not include my signature product on this list? But really, it is a delightful gift for an actor friend and still only $20. Purchase before December 17 to guarantee it’s received by Christmas. #organizedactor

6. A Gift Certificate for TodayTix. Broadway shows are expensive, and sadly, it is often the thing an actor will forego when saving money. So why not treat a close friend to a $25 gift certificate or more to TodayTix, so they can splurge on the show they’ve been dying to see? #broadwaybaby

7. Carols for a Cure. This annual album features current Broadway shows singing holiday songs of their choice. All the proceeds go to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. I was honored to be on the 2015 album with Amazing Grace, and giving this gift also gives the gift of life to so many! #bcefa

8. A Massage. For me, a massage is my favorite gift hands down. But if you’re thinking they are too much money to give to a friend, check out all the great deals on Groupon. Why not treat your bestie to a holiday massage for 60% of the cost? For your mate, why not surprise him/her with a couples massage? Around $39-$59. #relaxation

9. A Membership to The Artist Co-op. You’ve heard me talk about this place, and I can’t get enough of it. If you’ve got an extra special artist friend, producer friend, or writer friend, treat them to a membership to The Artist Co-op, a shared workspace for creatives. They offer day passes, monthly memberships ($50) and even designated desks coming soon. #theartistcoop

10. A Subscription to Showfax. I’m never one to ASSUME, but as an actor, you should definitely know what Showfax is — it is your ticket to your audition sides! It’s a must-have for all actors, especially if you are not represented by an agent. It’s an annual fee of $68, and if you’ve got a super actor friend, it’s a great gift to move their career forward. #subscriptionforsides

Leslie Becker is an award-winning Broadway actress, writer and creator of The Organized Actor® and is passionate about inspiring, entertaining and educating others. www.OrganizedActor.com.

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