Back in 1994, I was the first person to build a workbook for actors to help them organize the business side of their careers. I pitched, wrote and sold it in it only three days…seriously.

Little did I know it would last all these years and become the #1 selling organizational tool for actors and launch a movement of “treating your acting career like a business.”

But more importantly, for me, it brought to life my personal mission of inspiring, entertaining and educating others and improving their lives as artists and people. So, 25 years and thousands of actors later, we are still going strong and I can’t wait to set you on your own creative journey!

When I’m not coaching my awesome clients, you might catch me performing on Broadway, on the radio, or in concert venues throughout New York City. Or I might be writing a new song or musical, playing with my dog Zoey or waiting for Wednesday nights so I can watch Suits…don’t judge!). #teamharvey

I don’t like to be #pigeonholed. I believe our talents are a privilege and a gift, and I’m committed to using mine everyday to generate joy and abundance for myself and others.

So, I can’t wait to show you how to do the same!

The Organized Actor® isn’t just about getting organized. It’s about teaching you how to be unstoppably creative so you can have the life and career that you love!

Wanna know more?

Here are 10 things that may surprise you: 

  1. First and foremost, I’m an actor. So EVERYTHING I teach has been tried out at some point in my career, and been successful for me. If it wasn’t, I don’t teach it to you.* I’ve been in 10+ Broadway shows and National Tours and starred in dozens of regional productions.
  2. I’m TOTALLY obsessed with #process. Don’t get me wrong, I love results, but enjoying the process makes the journey much more fun.
  3. I suffered from debilitating audition and singing #nerves as a younger performer. It is truly a blessing and a miracle that I make a living performing!
  4. In grade school, I would come home everyday… line up my stuffed animals and teach them everything I’d learned at school. It wasn’t enough for me to simply learn something. I still don’t feel complete until I share what I’ve learned with someone else.
  5. My first job was at 12 years old at Swensen’s Ice Cream Parlor. By the time I was 13, I was a shift manager and was in charge of other workers… who were in high school.
  6. At my first professional audition, my nerves got the best of me. I didn’t get a callback. But, I really wanted the role. So, I went back the next day with different clothes, sang a different song and ended up booking the job. The theater never knew.
  7. I majored in Journalism and Advertising because I didn’t believe you could actually make a living at being an actress. I was so wrong.
  8. At the end of college I was offered an Account Executive position at a major advertising firm (something all of us alums dreamed of), but I said “NO!” I realized that if I was going to work that hard, I’d start my own company and be able to also be a creative (and pursue my then acting “hobby”).
  9. I ran my own Advertising/PR company for 7 years… woke up at age 28 absolutely miserable, and FINALLY declared that I wanted to be an actress for a living. That’s when the universe said “Thank God!” and opened its giant doors for my life to begin. I booked my first Broadway show 2 months later (… a story for another time).
  10. I rarely cry at my own life, but I cry at Hallmark commercials and movies, and any wedding even if I don’t know the bride and groom.

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*And on a tiny note, remember results are not guaranteed. Just because something worked for one person doesn’t mean that path will work for you. The arts are VERY subjective and no one out there can guarantee that you will become a star. And if someone does tell you they can make you a star, have them prove it in a public place with witnesses. #protectyourself No more #metoo