You may not know this, but I did NOT major in theater in college. I actually have two degrees in Journalism and Advertising.  Yes, I had visions of being an Advertising mogul with a big corner office and a ping pong table for inspiration.

There has always been something about advertising that captivates me. I love to see how advertisers of today compete in this insanely crowded world of media and social media messaging. Social media has also made the actor market more crowded. Now actors from all over the world can create a social presence that can ultimately lead them to massive success and financial wealth all because of the internet.

When I was getting my degree, there was always a statistical rule that it required 7 impressions to finally break through the busy market. That meant that on average, a potential customer had to see your message a minimum of 7 times before they will take note of your product or service.

So, it makes sense as an actor that we might have to audition for the same casting director or director several times before they actually stand up and take notice.

Okay. We can deal with that number, right?

But guess what?

With social media, Insta-stories, Facebook, YouTube and all the other myriad of media outlets beating our human brains over the head…statistics now show that it takes a minimum of 13 times to register an advertising message…not 7.

They call it the lucky #13 for a reason! And as actors it’s an important number to know so that when you are sending yet another postcard to someone, and it feels like “they still haven’t noticed”, well, maybe you need to keep doing it until you get to at least a minimum of 13 times. #lucky13

Here are some other ways to make more “impressions” and get to 13 faster!

1. Go to more auditions. Obviously nothing compares to seeing you in person. Auditioning is a numbers game. The more you go on, the more people see you. I’m not just talking about the people in the room. I’m talking about being seen at the rehearsal studios by friends and industry people, in the halls, by the drinking fountain, at the cafe next door. Those “impressions” count on your way to 13 too. #auditions

2. Send personalized cards/notes. I know there’s all this talk about people not wanting to postcard anymore, and some casting people say not to send them. But a personalized note to someone is still a great way to keep your face in front of them on a consistent basis. (of course if someone specifically says ‘please do not send me anything,’ then honor their request). But in general, it is your job to get your name and face out there as an actor. A postcard once a month can give you that much needed additional impression. #personalizednotes

3. Get your social media working for you. Don’t feel like you have to live on all of the platforms. But choose at least one that is your main hub and create a great feed that is a reflection of you! But, don’t assume that everyone will see every post. When you post something you really want folks to see, tag them AND start engaging with their posts too. For great social media advice, check out #socialmedia

4. Pay to Play. Despite the new legal challenges that are arising for networking facilities, it’s still a great way to meet industry leaders. I like to think of them as power lunches for actors. The truth is, if we were in any other business and we wanted to connect with someone, we would take them to lunch. Same thing here. And, let’s face it, many of the casting directors and industry leaders you meet at these facilities are the very people who you might not meet any other way. #paytoplay

5. Create a monthly (or quarterly) something. Find a way to connect with people in the industry via email about once a month (or once a quarter if you don’t have a lot to share). It’s just another way to show people you are working and making things happen. And you never know when seeing your updates might spark them for an upcoming project.#somethinggood

6. Create a Wow Project. Find a way to connect with people in the industry in a completely new way like starting a podcast or web series or write a one- person show. A great example is Alyshia Ochse’s THAT ONE AUDITION podcast. This podcast has given Alyshia a platform to stretch herself, learn from her peers and put herself in a position designed to increase her community and connections. If you haven’t subscribed, I highly recommend it as a great example of a Wow Project she created for herself.  Check it out!!! #thatoneaudition #wowprojectprogram

And on that note, if you have a project of your own, don’t forget to download my free Cheat Sheet “5 Crucial Things To Do BEFORE Starting Your Project.”

Leslie Becker is an award-winning Broadway actress, Billboard Artist and Bestselling of The Organized Actor® and is passionate about inspiring, entertaining and educating others.

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