So, what’s happening?

That’s such a funny question, isn’t it?

As an actor, when you are asked that question, you feel the instant pressure to rattle off what show you are doing, or what film you’re shooting, or what you’re doing next. #egorant

And, heaven forbid if you don’t have anything on the horizon.#eggface

Then, suddenly the self-doubt creeps in and that voice inside your head starts rattling off “Why aren’t I working?” “Why is he/she always employed?” “When is my next job coming?”

Debilitating questions can take you down. In fact, the conversations you are having are actually giving you your life.#truefact

If you’re always asking the kinds of questions like “What’s wrong with me?” or “Why does this always happen to me?” it will pretty much guarantee that you will get more of the same.

But learning how to ask powerful questions can generate new conversations, and truly transform your career and your life.

Here are some of the most common questions actors ask themselves and how you can alter them to lead you down a good path. #betterquestions

1. Instead of asking, “Why does this always happen to me?” Try asking, How can I learn from this?” The minute you ask a ‘how’ question, the brain starts granting you answers. If the brain’s first answer is “I don’t know,” then ask, “But if I DID know, what would it be?” Sounds crazy, but the truth is, it works. If you ask the right questions, the brain will run through its database to find you an answer.

2. Instead of asking, “Why does she have all the luck?” Try asking, How can I open myself up to better opportunities? Maybe you have a friend, even a really close friend, who is always getting more jobs than you, better jobs than you, and while you are truly so happy for him/her, sometimes it’s hard to stay excited. But instead of calling his/her success ‘luck’, maybe study what he/she does to prepare for auditions and book jobs. Maybe it’s time to learn from his/her ‘luck’ and open yourself up for something great.

3. Instead of asking, “Why haven’t I gotten on Broadway?” Try asking, What can I do to create opportunities that lead me to my goals today?” For stage actors, Broadway is often the goal. But don’t look at your other jobs as less than. Don’t get me wrong I love working on Broadway and look forward to my own next opportunity on the boards. But I’ve also loved a lot of the amazingly creative work I’ve gotten to do in the regional world. So while Broadway might be your end-all, be-all goal, keep doing wonderful work elsewhere as you pave the road to the Great White Way.

4. Instead of saying “I’m bored.” Try saying, “What action can I take to use my time more effectively.” When I was a kid, and would say that I was bored, my mom would always answer, “Boredom is something you do to yourself.” And she’s right! If you find yourself bored or uninterested in doing anything that is usually what you like to do. Then, just get up off the couch and go do something new. Engage yourself in a new activity or even just go for a walk.

5. Instead of asking, “Why did I get paired up with this idiot as a scene partner?” Try asking, How can I create a strong relationship with this human being? Of course, there are always times that in an audition setting you get paired with someone who is not the ideal partner you would ask for. But, the more you can connect with that person as a human, the stronger your scene will be. Be open and ready for greatness.

6. Instead of asking, “What am I doing wrong?” Try asking, “How can I use my strengths to their full benefit?” It’s so easy to get caught in the trap of thinking that you are doing something wrong when you don’t get cast. But 99% of the time you did NOTHING wrong. They were just looking for a blue shirt that day and you were wearing a green one. Begin to look deep into what makes you super special and utilize your strengths to get you where you want to go.

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Leslie Becker is Broadway actress, Billboard artist and best selling author of The Organized Actor®. Since 1994, her teachings have enpowered thousands of actors to be strong individuals so the highs and lows of the industry are balanced by a strong belief in themselves. As an actress, she has appeared in 10 Broadway and National Tour productions and she has starred in over 50 regional shows. She is the host of the Facebook Group Organized Actor Alliance, and offers free tips for actors at

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