So, this past week I launched my first BIG online course for actors.

Wait! My first?

Well…my first one THIS BIG!

Launching a course might seem like a small thing , but the number of intricate moving parts to do that is SO HUGE that I equate it with about the same as putting on a show.

But, here’s the thing…

Nobody will ever actually know how much work went into building the course, selling the course, and soon…teaching the course.

And THAT is exactly what we do as actors!

We rehearse and rehearse to get it right and when the finished product comes out, we make it look like it was easy. But nobody REALLY knows how much work went into it.

It’s the same with auditions.

In fact, I looked at launching this course as a production, and the first webinar was the audition, the second was the call back and the third was the first preview which gave me time for auto-correcting and redirecting each day until I got it right!

Well, guess what?

I think I auto-corrected and re-directed well, because I almost sold out my course! And I’m super pumped about it.

Why is this relevant to you?

Well, because I kind of applied the same principles that I apply to auditions. And here’s how you can do that too:

1. Pre-Frame Your Audition. Make a ritual before every audition that puts you exactly where you need to be mentally to be great in the room. Breathe. Say a mantra. And set an intention that is beyond “I’m going to book this job.” Try something like “I have everything I need today to bring out my best self.” #preframe

2. Celebrate your successes. When something doesn’t go exactly as you had planned, we tend to forget about the GREAT things that happened. Focus on the great things that DID happen and you will feel great about what you did. #celebrate

3. Honor your learning curve. As actors, we so often feel like we have to be perfect right out of the gate. It feels like we have to do it right the first time or we risk making a bad impression. But be fair and kind to yourself. You may not get it perfect the very first time. It may take you lots of practice to get it right. I have a friend who went in for the same Broadway show 11 times. She booked it on the 12th #learningcurve

4. Be willing to look at the cracks. If there was a specific thing that didn’t go as great as you thought it would, don’t be afraid to ask yourself the tough questions like: “Did I prepare enough?” “Did I stay focused in the waiting room?” “Did I present appropriate material?” It takes bravery to audition. But it takes real balls to be truthful with yourself so you can move forward and grow for next time. #yearoftheballs

5. Learn how to auto-correct. Let’s say you’re in an audition and you’ve just started your monologue or song, and you go up right away on your lines or lyrics. DON’T MAKE A FACE. Simply stop and ask if you may begin again. And when you do, make the quick adjustment and begin again. But only ask once, and only within about the first :15 seconds. #autocorrect

6. Have a great closing ritual. Whether the audition went well or not, it is hard not to carry the energy with you…both good and bad. Create a closing ritual for yourself after you leave the audition room. It could be as small as closing your eyes, taking a deep breath and saying to yourself “My talents are a privilege and a gift, ”  or, you could treat yourself to something fun like Pinkberry, an iced coffee or a whiskey. LOL #closingritual

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Leslie Becker is an award-winning Broadway actress, writer, and creator of The Organized Actor® and is passionate about inspiring, entertaining and educating others. Known as the #1 Empowerment Coach for Actors, her teachings have touched more than 300,000 actors in the past 24 years. To learn more, visit And don’t forget to join her FREE Facebook Group to be with serious and like-minded actors Organized Actor Alliance.

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