Baby steps! You gotta love ’em. Life is all about baby steps.

In this business, it can sometimes feel like all we do is take little baby steps until one day we get fed up with the baby steps and want some giant step to happen! But giant steps actually come from millions of baby steps. It’s like those #overnightsuccess stories that took ten years to build!

Remember, if you will, back to your childhood when you were learning how to walk. Imagine if your parents had let you take a few baby steps and then suddenly cut you off.

“No more baby steps! You are not allowed to take any more baby steps!”

One of two things might have happened…

EITHER you would have listened to your parent(s) and decided to never take a step again, which means you’d still be sitting in your thumper chair, OR you went with your human instincts and kept on truckin’. Since you’re reading this, I guess you decided to keep on truckin’.

The point is, without baby steps, there are no giant ones.

So even if it feels like those #babysteps aren’t workin’ right now, trust that they are. Because each of those baby steps compound with all the other baby steps you’ve already taken. And that, my friend, is called a GIANT STEP.

Man didn’t reach the moon in one leap, and you can’t touch the stars with any less than “five hundred twenty-five thousand, six hundred” baby steps of experience behind you.

Here are six baby steps worth taking:

1. Work on your audition preparation for just 15 minutes longer than you normally would. #beprepared

2. Call just one more person than you usually do. #connectwithyourtribe

3. Get one more hour of sleep the night before a big audition. #beautysleep

4. Take one more deep breath before entering the audition room. #deepbreath

5. Drink one more glass of water today. #hydration

6. Say the following declaration at least twice a day: “My talents are a privilege and a gift, and I use them for positive things every day.” #mantra

If you struggle to know what to do next for your acting career and what baby steps to actually take, be sure to check out The Actor’s Roadmap. It’s a guided monthly subscription for actors to keep you in action toward your career goals! Here is what a couple of participants are saying:

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The Actor's Roadmap

What are your favorite baby steps that you take every day? #actorsroadmap

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