It’s Spring!

But you wouldn’t know it by the weather in New York! (I’ve gotta be honest, I’m actually writing this from Florida, so the weather here is just dandy. I know, you can hate me now.) #weather

Whatever the weather is like where you are, I’ve dedicated the month of April to growth, and what better way to grow than with a 30-Day Clear Away Challenge! #springcleaning

Whether you call it a Spring Cleaning, A Clear Away or a De-Cluttering, April is the month to start fresh.

With a little focus on clearing away what’s holding you back, you can get ready for a whole new perspective, a whole new look, or even a whole new life.

When I speak of a 30-Day Clear Away Challenge, I’m not ONLY talking about clearing away physical clutter.

I’m actually referring to all kinds of “clutter” that could be keeping you from growing in your career and your life. Of course, our physical space is a HUGE PART of how we feel and function. A physical space that is cluttered, can’t possibly serve you in the best way.

But other #mentalclutter can also hold you back. Mental clutter can include the people you hang around with, the relationship you’re in, your stress level, or the state of your attitude right now. #clutter

This week, I want you to look at your life and see what needs to experience some growth. That  means FIRST looking at what is no longer necessary in your life. #getitout Remember “growth” doesn’t mean gaining more. (We learned that in last week’s blog.)

Sometimes, in order to grow, you have to let go!

Do you have too much stress in your life? How could you take away some stress? Is it your physical space you want to change? Let’s clean out! Or perhaps it’s just your own attitude that is holding you back.

Download my FREE 30-DAY CLEAR AWAY CHALLENGE to create some “space” in your life for all the great things coming! Or, if you just want to let go of something little, here’s a list of 6 tiny things you could clear away this month to make room for all the awesome things that are about to come into your life! Pick even one of them to make a difference!

1. Take something OFF your resume that is either too old to represent what you do now, or a credit that no one will recognize or value.

2. Throw away two items in your closet that no longer make you feel fabulous or that you haven’t worn in a year.

3. Remove one negative phrase from your life. If you find yourself saying something that doesn’t support you i.e. “I look fat today,” replace it with a new, empowering statement.

4. Enter all of your April receipts (so far) into your expense log either in your Organized Actor, your excel spreadsheet, google doc or your financial software.

5. Unfollow someone from your social media who is no longer generating the kind of good will you want on your feed.

6. Buy one fewer coffee latte or smoothie or juice this week, and put the extra money you saved in a jar to save for something special.

Wanna keep up the clear away? Join my FREE 30-DAY CLEAR AWAY CHALLENGE.

Leslie Becker is an award-winning Broadway actress, writer, and creator of The Organized Actor® and is passionate about inspiring, entertaining and educating others. Sign up below for more tips for workin’ your acting career and your life.


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