Jeremiah Crowell

Leslie is an excellent personal and career coach. She quickly helped me to recognize my past achievements, define my career aspirations, and move with confidence toward achieving them. And it worked. I am now living a good part of the life I envisioned in sessions with Leslie.

Jeremiah Crowell Emmy nominated cinematographer and director

Leslie’s ability to actively listen and hear what you want and need, mixed with her years of knowledge, creates a space for you to open doors you didn’t know were possible.  Beyond all this she is just a good, kind, and beautiful person. You are lucky to be in her presence, and she lets you know that she is also lucky to be in the presence of you.  Don’t hesitate to soak up anything Leslie has to offer.  She is simply the best and will change your life for the better!

Jeffrey "Shecky" Schecter 10+ Broadway shows, Filmmaker, Owner "I Can Do That" Dance School
Jordan Wall

Leslie gave me the tools to direct my life and my career upward. Her passion for seeing me as the individual I am, and her drive to help me achieve my actual goals, allowed me to be completely honest with her and myself, kicking off a journey where I could finally release myself of the past and be the best version of myself today. Now I am sharing gifts in both my career and personal life that I nearly convinced myself were impossible.

Jordan Wall Series Regular "The Glades," and "Hialeah"
Bill Dueease

Leslie is an excellent coach who has a compassion for her clients and an uncanny insight into what her clients really want and believe! Her professionalism and honesty to clearly reflect the truth to her clients, allows them to naturally grow and achieve remarkable goals.

Bill Dueease The Coach Connection
Arnold Serame

All I can say is ‘Call Leslie!’ She reinforces that this is my life, my dreams, my goals, and it is up to me to put it into action to transform my life from one I hope for, to one I’m actually living. Leslie’s coaching has created life-altering new habits and methods that I continue to put into practice every day. Call her.

Arnold Serame Lighting Designer, Owner of Serame Design
Debbie Saville

I signed up to be part of a group with Leslie. I went into the experience to move an original musical further and I will be leaving this experience soon with vastly more than I could even imagine. Leslie is full of boundless energy with tremendous theater knowledge and experience. She has the ability to motivate as you navigate taking your dreams into reality. With her guidance during these yearlong sessions, I am now able to continue my journey with a renewed sense to believe that anything is possible. I highly recommend her to help you to believe in your dreams and to give you the tools that will guide you towards success.

Debbie Saville CEO and Creative Brain of Studio Saville Productions