We talk a lot about goals here at The Organized Actor®.

As you know, I’m a firm believer in having targets you’re working toward. But, how often do you set a goal and then two months later you realize that you’re not any closer to it? Even worse, if you’re REALLY honest with yourself, you realize you haven’t actually taken any steps toward it at all?

Why is that?

Why are there certain goals that you stay totally committed to and others that just don’t happen?

Well, I like to call the ones that you don’t make happen “Gimme Gimme Goals.” (Not to be confused with the song “Gimme, Gimme” that #SuttonFoster sang in Thoroughly Modern Millie!)

Gimme Gimme Goals disguise themselves as “goals.” But Gimme Gimmes are really just things we want because we want them, as in “Daddy, I want an Oompa Loompa now!” kind of wants.

We want them because they will satisfy our need for immediate satisfaction, but if they are not linked to any real commitment or “why,” then they are just going to go down the chocolate drain just like Veruca Salt from Willa Wonka.

Here’s an example: I recently “tried” to take sugar out of my diet, because I wanted someone to “gimme gimme” some thinner thighs. But “try” as I may, I just wasn’t really COMMITTED TO IT. Then one day about a month ago, I actually made it real goal. Not a gimme gimme, but a real GOAL, written in my Fool Proof language that I teach my clients with a plan in place to stick to it, and I GOT COMMITTED. And for over a month, I’ve been sugar free. It’s been easier than I thought it would ever be and I’ve stuck to it. #commitment

Because the truth is, there is no “trying!” You’re either doing something or you’re not. Period.

Goals, real GOALS, are ones that you are willing to COMMIT TO, which means doing whatever it takes to make them happen.

So whether you’ve already done your goal setting for the year or not, now is the time to get committed to them so you can make them happen in the remainder of the year. If you already have a list of goals that you set earlier in the year, make sure you take out any that you might label as Gimme Gimme Goals. Or rewrite them in ways that you can really commit to.

Here some some things that I think are worthy of your commitment. Maybe pick one below to add to your list of goals for the year:

1. Cutting out excess sugar from your diet. Even one week of #sugarfree living can shed a few extra pounds, not to mention make you feel energetic and light. Once you’ve gotten a month under your belt, you can treat yourself to something sweet and then go right back on. Or stay off entirely as a new lifestyle.

2. Working on your audition prep everyday. Whether you’re a singer, voice over artist or film actor, there is always something you can be working on. Choosing to consistently work on your craft is a #commitment worthy of your time and can make some of those Gimme Gimme Goals come to fruition too.

3. Showing up on time every time. There’s something incredibly powerful that happens when you plan ahead and show up on time for your appointment. I don’t just mean appointments in your career, I’m talking about showing up on time for every event you have… whether it be coffee with a friend or a meeting with your boss. Be on time and watch your life transform. #punctuality

4. Pay your bills. When you signed up for that credit card, you promised to pay it off. But of course the credit card company is hoping you won’t so they can make lots of money off of you. Paying your bills on time is crucial to be in financial integrity. But it’s also great for your credit and, most importantly, your self-esteem. #payyourbills

5. Get your receipts in order. Yep, make this the year you have all of your receipts tallied and financial papers in order BEFORE tax time. Spend the next month getting everything together so you can feel confident when you see your accountant. #taxseasonprep

6. Being your word. If you say you’re going to do something, do it. Do it on time, in the manner in which you said you were going to do it. This single commitment will make all the others fall into place. #integrity

What do YOU think is worth your commitment? Comment below.

Leslie Becker is an award-winning actress, writer and creator of The Organized Actor®, who is passionate about inspiring, entertaining and educating others. Sign up below for more tips for workin’ your acting career and your life at www.OrganizedActor.com.

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    • Thomas Conroy

      Song writing is worth my time commitment. I lept from page to recording studio this past week and it felt great. The song is not perfectly on the paper, but I am finding the right energy of it in the studio. My risk here was: changing my thinking and my process. Instead of figuring out every note ahead of time on manuscript paper, I trusted my words and a mock up of chord symbols and just got going doing the music and recording it. I sorted out more details while in the studio and will sort out more in the coming recording sessions already on the calendar.

    • organizedactor

      Thomas!!! Congratulations!! This is great news. Keep up the great work. You’ve always had a talent for writing and I’m so glad you have kept it up ; )xoLeslie

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