November has always been a month for being grateful.

What a funny concept — storing up our thanks for one single day of the year, when being grateful every single day is really where true happiness lives.

But let’s be honest, we’ve heard that a lot lately. Everywhere you turn, a self-development expert or transformational guru is telling you how important it is to be grateful. They suggest keeping a “grateful journal” or starting each day with “Today, I am grateful for…”

Sometimes it feels like the word GRATEFUL has become NON-EFFECTIVE, because we use it so freely now.

Just look on social media… everybody is talking about how #grateful they are for all their blessings. How grateful they are to God. How grateful they are for all the support from their million “closest friends” on Twitter. And it is AWESOME to see people embracing their blessings.

But sometimes seeing what everyone else is grateful for can stir up personal feelings of “lack” or “frustration” or “jealousy.” #FOMOisReal and it can even lead you to feel like you’re missing out on having things to be grateful for.

But you, my friend, are different. You are special.

You know the power of true gratefulness.

In fact, I’m going to venture to guess that you have felt grateful many times this year. I’m not suggesting that every single day has been perfect, or that they all worked out as you wanted them to, or that you won the lottery. But even without all of those things happening, you can count your blessings for sure.

Even if you have had a super tough year, you can still find much to be grateful for.

Here are six things that often get overlooked on the grateful list, but shouldn’t be forgotten.

1. Your Body. My goodness, we are “looks”-focused in this business. It’s part of the package when you choose a life in any visual or performing art. But my gosh, the fact that our bodies hold up under eight shows a week, rising at 3 a.m. for early on-location shoots, and dealing with the stress of each moment this career brings, deserves our thanks. Bless your body. Love every piece of it. And today when you look in the mirror say, “I love and honor my strong and beautiful body!” #loveyourbody

2. Your Family. No matter how wonderful your relationship is or how estranged you are from your family, be grateful for what they have provided in your life. And who says your blood family has to be your only family? Be grateful for whatever family you’ve created in your life. #celebratefamily

3. Your Talents. Talents are precious gifts from the Universe. You were given these talents to bring joy and light to the world, to transform it. So even when it feels like the industry isn’t embracing yours at the moment, know that you ARE talented, you ARE special and YOU WILL BE FOUND.#talentwillbefound

4. Your Imagination. You know, non-artists (or “civilians” as I like to call them) often lose their imaginations. Can you imagine not being able to imagine great things??? We artists are the lucky few who get to remain young and use our imaginations daily. Now THAT is a gift worth celebrating. #pureimagination

5. A Home. Whether you live in a tiny New York apartment or a plush mansion in the south of France, you are blessed to have a place to hang your hat. Make sure your home is a real reflection of you and make it a sanctuary so that you feel peaceful, safe and inspired. #aplaceofyourown

6. Your Feet. I know I already mentioned your body. But can we talk about your feet?! I mean,  jeez… every day, they carry you everywhere you go. They bear the weight of not only you, but your backpack or suitcase or child or dog or grocery bags. Feet are AMAZING! Love them, pamper them, be grateful for them. #powerfulfeet

There are so many more things to be grateful for in your life. What’s your number 1? Comment below.

Leslie Becker is an award-winning Broadway actress, writer and creator of The Organized Actor® and is passionate about inspiring, entertaining and educating others.

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