Change. What a fascinating word.

Its very meaning actually represents the exact opposite of what it is. You might call the opposite of change ‘something constant’ or ‘unchanging’ or ‘consistent.’ But if you really think about change it’s really the only CONSTANT thing we can rely on. Change is guaranteed.

I personally LOVE change. #change

In fact, one of the things I LOVE about show business is the constant and ever-changing nature of it

For instance, look at Broadway! Our industry has changed dramatically in the last 5-10 years. Now television and film stars are becoming ‘overnight’ Broadway stars. Rock stars of yesteryear are being paid homage to in their ‘juke box musicals.’ And favorite films are being turned into musicals and vice-versa!

Because TV/film stars are taking roles that used to belong to top Broadway folks, those Broadway folks are now doing regional roles that used to go to people who made careers in regional theatre. So the trickle down affect makes it FEEL like jobs are getting harder and harder to get.

None of this has to be a bad thing.

But as players in the game, we have to be aware of, understand it and accept the change, and learn to survive in it.

Accepting change allows us to move forward.

Once we accept that things are different and that the rules have changed, then we’ve got a lot of power. By the pure nature of change we can now choose to play differently. To work smarter. To work differently. To cause yet another change. #worksmarter

1. Understand the new rules. Ignoring the true facts of today’s industry will only continue to frustrate you. Look clearly at the climate of today’s entertainment industry and accept it.

2. Make up your own rules. If what you’ve always done in the past is no longer working for you, make up some new ground rules. Play a new game. Sometimes a new approach can transform everything.

3. Accept your age and appearance. Are you still trying to pass for 23 when you’re clearly more like 45? The more you try to resist the natural changes that are happening, the less it will serve you.

4. Be willing to say no. If you’re trying to create a new image (like being seen for principle work instead of ensemble), start saying ‘no’ to projects that don’t lead you where you’re going.

5. Have something else to do ALWAYS! Knowing the industry is ever-changing, have a life that supports that change, i.e. a second job, your own business, a family and personal life you love.

6. Cause change, instead of being a victim to it. If you don’t like how something is working, find a way to make it work. Start a new trend. Change actually occurs in an instant. But a full shift happens over time.

Adopt one of these, and you won’t feel the challenge of the change…only the triumph of it!

Leslie Becker is an award-winning Broadway actress, writer, and creator of The Organized Actor® and is passionate about inspiring, entertaining and educating others. Known as the #1 Empowerment Coach for Actors, her teachings have touched more than 300,000 actors in the past 24 years. To learn more, visit And don’t forget to join her FREE Facebook Group to be with serious and like-minded actors Organized Actor Alliance.

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