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It's Sunday, and you've got another week ahead of you.

Once again, you're staring at an empty calendar, hoping some auditions will come up, hoping that you'll get that call that changes your life...hoping and waiting for your career to happen.

Then Wednesday hits. Still no auditions, and you're getting jealous of all the people on Facebook, posting about their amazing careers. And Friday is coming quickly.

Then, another week passes. More friends post photos of their big jobs, and it feels like your acting dreams keep getting further and further away. And worse yet, you don't know how to change it. You've thought about hiring a career coach, but you just don't have the budget.

Sound familiar?

I've been there too. And back then, all I wished for was someone who would tell me what to do, who to meet, and how to move forward in my career. Because I knew that if I knew WHAT TO DO and had a coach to guide me, I could totally make things happen! But something had to change!

Sound familiar, too?

If you answered YES!, then The Actor's Roadmap is for you.

The Actor's Roadmap is a guided weekly plan for success. A step-by-step system that will keep you moving forward every single day.

Your monthly Actor's Roadmap subscription of $39* includes:

Each week you'll be given a FOCUS for your acting career with specific actions, exercises and ideas to keep you moving forward with intention and ease.

Day-to-day action steps directly related to the focus of the week. The steps will be small enough to do even on your busiest days, and big enough to make an impact.

The more you know about yourself, the more you'll be able to stand tall in your own skin. My unique exercises will expand you personally and professionally.

We'll take a deep dive into an industry person you should know. Learn about their career, likes/dislikes, and inside information that might connect you to them.

There's nothing more fun than a grab bag surprise! You'll get a little something extra each week, but shhhh! I can't give it away, or it wouldn't be a surprise.

YES! Sign me up now!

The Actor's Roadmap is perfect for you if you:

Sometimes feel stuck in your acting career. You have no idea what steps to take to move forward.

You love the idea of having a career coach, but you don't have the budget for it.

You are not afraid of hard work. And if you had a guide, you could knock it out of the park!

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