APRIL 13-19, 2020

Focus of the Week - MONEY

Daily Action Steps


Welcome to Monday! You guys, today is the one month mark that we have been in the thick of this health crisis. We've survived a full month of quarantine! Wow. Talk about resilience!! I hope you continue to be healthy and safe and kind to others. Today is a new day and a new week and it's time to shift the energy! After all, it is Tax Week. Even though there has been an extension, as I mentioned last week, it is best to just get it done and send it in on April 15! (if you are able) In addition, this week I want to put our focus on your money since April is Financial Literacy Month. Now, don't get all stressed about the word money. It's just a word until it is used in commerce, so it really doesn't have any value (or emotion around it). But today, I want you to take a moment to bless whatever money you have coming in, sitting in the bank, hiding under your mattress...give it a blessing. Any bill you pay this week, be grateful that you have the money to pay it. Of course, if you get paid this week...obviously that's a HUGE blessing! IF your spouse is bringing in the dough right now, thank him or her. Now, to get your brain in a strong place around money, jump in right away to the Expansion Exercise on money. Your relationship to money will dictate your experience with it, so take yourself through the exercise today.


It's Talent Tuesday again! But today I want you to use your talents to find some money. Remember, whatever we focus on is what we get back. So today, see if you can find some money. Maybe check all your coat and pant pockets, or the small pouches in your purses, ladies. Can you reduce your phone/cable internet bill? Do you really need Hulu, Amazon AND Netflix? If you find actual cash, take a photo of it and post it in the Facebook Group! Let's see that money!


Wednesday Wisdom: “I believe we should all pay our taxes with a smile. I tried, but they wanted cash." (a little tax humor for the day)

I know guys. This year, it's not really Tax Day. But the truth is, IT IS! If you're waiting until July, that's totally fine...no judgement here. But if you have all the documents, and the money to pay it now, or better yet, if you are getting money back, why not just get it done, so you can take it off your plate (and your accountant's plate). And on that note, today, if your taxes are all done, take some time to tally all your expenses for 2020 so far. Enter it into whatever system you keep so you're ahead of the game as we launch into this 2nd quarter of the year.


Choose to make today a great day. Rise up with the intention of good things happening. Dedicate 15-30 minutes to your financial literacy. Maybe read a chapter of a financial book you already have, research something about budgeting or setting up an IRA, or purchase a money book someone has recommended to you. The key to getting over the scary stuff is to take the big leap. Here's some money books you might enjoy. You Are A Badass At Making Money by Jen Sincero, Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey, The Latte Factor by David Bach. Of course, do your own research because we all learn differently and you want to make sure you're learning from a voice you trust and understand depending on where you are on tolerance level for talking about money.


Great job! You made it through another week! Today rise out of bed and speak our group declaration 10 times with your hand on your heart. My body and mind are healthy and strong. Then ask yourself What Am I Grateful For Today?  Take another 15-30 minutes to expand your knowledge in the realm of money. And finally choose to do something today or this weekend that makes you feel "normal." Of course, I don't mean to break any rules or put yourself or anyone else in danger. But do something that just gives you a feeling of freedom and normalcy. Example: A few days ago I ordered take out from a restaurant that I love here in LA that is at least 25 minute drive away. I just wanted to be on the freeway in my car and it made me feel free! I picked it up and drove back and ate it at my house. It was AWESOME! Be sure to take  Sunday evening to set yourself up for next week too. Although it might feel like there is no reason to plan...it actually helps and feels really great to know what you're up to next week. Give yourself the gift of specific things on the calendar at specific times.


Your Relationship To Money

The Organized Actor timing business of acting New York actor

There is something that happens when people talk about money. You either love the conversation or hate it. Some people are very free to share how much they make or how much they paid for something. Others look at it as a voodoo topic. Whichever camp you fall into, talk of money always stirs up so many things for people.

That's okay. This exercise isn't scary. It's just a way to discover your own thoughts about money. Just answer the questions, one at a time, in order with the first answer that comes to mind.

1. Finish this sentence: Money is____________________________

2. Where did you learn that?

3. Money gives me ______________________________

4. Why?

5. I (choose one) LOVE   or   HATE to talk about money.

6. When did you decide that and why?

7. What's your favorite thing related to money?

8. What do you like the least about money?

9. Do you feel that you are good with your money? If so, how? and if not, how would you like to be better?

10. What have you learned by answering all these questions and is there anything you'd like to change, learn or transform after doing this?

See...that wasn't so scary. Hopefully it was pretty informative and helped to crack open some of your own feelings about money! Send me an email about what you learned in this exercise. Leslie@OrganizedActor.com or post it in the FACEBOOK GROUP


Terrence McNally-In Memoriam

My heart was broken the day they announced that Terrence McNally had passed away from complications from Coronavirus. He was one of America's great playwrights and I was honored to have worked directly with him twice, most recently on Ragtime (photo here with Stephen Flaherty). He was not only a great artist, but also one of the kindest, classiest humans you would ever meet. I wanted to dedicate this Industry Deep Dive to him. He will be greatly missed.

He was described as "the bard of American Theatre" by the New York Times and brought us some of the most thought provoking theater. He said that the most important function of theater was to create community and bridge rifts opened between people by differences in religion, race, gender, and particularly sexual orientation. His countless Tony Awards, Drama Desk Awards and more, made him a major artist of our generation. To learn more about his brilliant career and contributions to the arts, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terrence_McNally


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