I’ve been playing a bigger game lately.

Oh sure, I’ve always played it big, but now my game is even bigger. Why? Because NOW IS THE TIME. In this fast-paced industry we are in, there is no more time to play it small. Not in your acting career and not in your life! #biggergame

Let’s face it, we’re in strange and volatile times. When things are in upheaval, that’s when it is time to create what you really want. And more importantly, to get clear on what you are actually going to DO!

You have to decide whether you’re going to let the scary unknown hold you back, or let it open a whole new space of possibility for you.

Don’t get me wrong, playing a bigger game is terrifying. Exciting…but terrifying nonetheless. When you decide to raise the stakes you’re going to experience some discomfort, some growing pains, and some nay sayers who will tell you “your idea is foolish” or “you can’t do that.”

But, here’s what is so great about going forward anyway. Not only will you achieve something miraculous, you will also start to inspire others to think big too. In fact, once you start playing a bigger game and start creating recognizable results, those nay sayers just might become your biggest fans.

So, why not make the decision right now to play a bigger game from this point forward. You can choose a single area of your life to raise the stakes in, or choose YOUR WHOLE LIFE. Either way, you’re guaranteed to make a massive transformation. Be sure to check out my online courses to keep you moving forward powerfully.

But here are six things you can do you play bigger.

1. Be brave. Have you ever seen someone do something that you are terrified of? And you wondered, “How can someone do that?” Well, here’s the funny thing. If you asked that person if they were afraid, 90% of the time they would say, “Yes, but I did it anyway.” Courage is not the lack of fear, but the conquest of it. Be brave, my friend and do something “scary” everyday. #bebrave

2. Say “No.” For many people, especially actors and artists, saying “no” is extremely scary. We get so many “nos” in our business that the thought of saying “no” to something we’ve worked for is TERRIFYING. But in order to play a bigger game in our business, sometimes saying “no” is exactly what you must do. Decide what you are willing to say ‘no’ to and practice it. For example, if you’re trying to book a speaking role on a soap opera, opt to say “no” to extra work. If you’re no longer happy being in the ensemble of a musical, say “no” to it or simply stop auditioning for it. #powerofno

3. Investigate an “out-of-your-comfort zone” opportunity. Maybe you’ve secretly dreamed of owning a restaurant, or being a Broadway producer or buying a house. Why not dive head first into the research to discover what it will take to do it? It doesn’t matter if you ever actually build that restaurant or buy that house. What matters is your intent to learn EVERYTHING you can about that process. By learning about it and taking all the actions toward it, it just might happen anyway.

4. Work on your weakest skill. Human beings like doing the things they are good at. But as artists, that can be detrimental to your career because you have to have so many skills. I’m sure there is an area of your acting craft that doesn’t come naturally, that you struggle at consistently. Why not decide once and for all to get really good at it, so it is no longer a weakness? If you’re a singer and you get terrified for the “movers” portion of the audition, start taking dance classes. If you’re a stage actor, but you’re terrified of being on camera, practice being on camera everyday. Expanding any of these skills can only improve the quality of your career.

5. Focus on something outside of your acting career. Decide right now to get completely immersed in something that you are passionate about that has nothing to do with your acting career. This could be anything from learning how to speak French to quitting smoking to raising a family. Having something “big and important” in your personal life can only enhance your ability to re-create the human condition in your career.

6. Just go and do it. Did you know that fear of failure is the number one thing that stops us from pursuing our dreams? In fact, the fear of failing is almost ALWAYS worse than the failing itself. When you were a baby, you tried walking hundreds of times before you could actually do it. But you didn’t stop. Even though you failed over and over and over again, you kept trying. You will never know if you can do something until you try. And if you try and then stop, you’ll never know if you could have made it. Thomas Edison failed to produce a light bulb over 6000 times, and then around his 6,324th attempt, he changed the world. I talk more about failure in this cool blog post. #failureisfun

Leslie Becker is an award-winning Broadway actress, writer, and creator of The Organized Actor® and is passionate about inspiring, entertaining and educating others. Sign up below for more tips for workin’ your acting career and your life. www.OrganizedActor.com.

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