Wait! Am I supposed to have fun too?

Yes, actually!

It’s so easy to get caught up in just doing your actor life. It’s all about the auditions, the classes, the performances, the preparation, the coachings, etc, etc, etc. Blah! Let’s be real for a moment.

Really real.

There is actually nothing more boring than ONLY focusing on your acting career.

Wait. Did I, Leslie Becker, lover of all things theatrical, just say that out loud (or on paper!?)?

Yes. I did.

And here’s why. We all have that friend who only talks about the business, has no outside vision of the world except his or her own, and would never dream of NOT focusing 100% on showbiz every second of the day.

Well, brava for them. Truly. There’s a part of that I actually admire, because some would say it is that kind of focus that it takes to make you a star. And maybe they are right!

But I tend to disagree.

I actually think that the more well-rounded you are in life, the more human you are, the better actor you can become.

Knowing yourself, knowing more about the world, and experiencing a variety of activities, people and events makes you more human on every level.

So here are six fun things to try that have absolutely nothing to do with your acting career…or do they?

1. Learn a language. If you’ve ever thought, “I’d love to speak French or Russian or Spanish,” then do it! Choose a language that really “speaks” to you and just do it for fun. You never know when you might need it in your acting work. But do this just for yourself. #newlanguage

2. Plan an Escape the Room or Human Chess Game. You might have played the game on your phone, but there are actual LIVE versions of these games to take them to a whole new human level. Have you ever done either of these? #escapetheroom

3. Try foods you’ve never tried. Be brave and bold and try a new cuisine. And if you’re like me, food is social, so if you you are so inclined, why not find a group of friends who love to try new foods and dine together once a month and rotate who picks the spot. New spot to try The Owl’s Tail on 75th Between Broadway/Amsterdam….cocktails, tapas and brunch on the weekends. #owlstail

4. Read a book in a totally different genre. If you love Harry Potter-type books, read some John Steinbeck. If you like non-fiction, read a trashy novel. If you love comic books, read the Wall Street Journal. You get it! Stretch your interests and you’ll stretch yourself. #stretchyourself

5. Do your fear. Dreamed of doing the parachute jump? Wondered what bungee jumping feels like? Maybe this is year to do it. We declared it the #yearoftheballs so why not go for it if it terrifies you.  (I’ll be staying away from these two…have no desire, but if you’ve thought about doing it…what are you waiting for?) #yearoftheballs

6. Find something totally unusual to do. Wherever you live, there are probably several unique and unusual things to do that you aren’t even aware of. Like I just learned there is a Fish Carousel in Battery Park. Have you ever been? Me neither. Maybe we should try it together! https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/the-seaglass-carousel

What do you like to do for fun that is outside of your usual routine??? #playtime

Leslie Becker is Broadway actress, Billboard artist and best selling author of The Organized Actor®. Since 1994, her teachings have enpowered thousands of actors to be strong individuals so the highs and lows of the industry are balanced by a strong belief in themselves. As an actress, she has appeared in 10 Broadway and National Tour productions and she has starred in over 50 regional shows. She is the host of the Facebook Group Organized Actor Alliance, and offers free tips for actors at www.OrganizedActor.com.


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