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Step-by-step guide to getting your personal Wow Project off the ground!

Tired of waiting around for someone to cast you?

Take control of your acting career and join the Wow Project Program to create something that will put you in front of people in exactly the way you want to be seen! Whether you're considering creating a podcast, a concert, a one-person play, a web series or any other exciting venture, the Wow Program Program can help you bring it to fruition!

So...what's in the program...

In this 5-Week Program, you'll journey from learning how to choose the right project, how to implement a timeline and budget, and finally how to bring the project it to fruition. All Lessons come with a weekly worksheet to implement!

➡️ Lesson #1-Choosing the Right Project

When you decide to create a Wow Project for yourself, you want to make sure it is the RIGHT project. In this first lesson, you will get crystal clear on the project that most inspires you AND learn how to put your fears behind you to move forward powerfully right away.

➡️ Lesson #2-Creating Your Action Plan

You know my theory: "Without a plan, you're planning to fail." In this lesson, we'll get you set up on a realistic timeline for your project as well as the daily actions that you will commit to to bring it to fruition. In addition you'll learn how to build a powerful team around you for success.

➡️ Lesson #3- Budget

Creating a working budget is a crucial step that goes into every Wow Project. Learn how to plan a budget, utilize your negotiation skills to get the best price for things and rally others to jump in financially.

➡️ Lesson #4  Doing the Work

Now comes the fun part...watching your project take shape! That, of course, doesn't come without work on your part. In this lesson you'll learn powerful ways to fight through the blocks that might stop you on your quest, and how to set yourself up for daily movement forward.

➡️ Lesson #5: Bringing your Project To Fruition

Most likely, your project will require continued work long after the course is over. In Lesson 5 you'll learn how to follow it through to the end and keep the energy and excitement around it for yourself and others including marketing tips, timelines, and  getting people in the seats!

Full Course Contents

Your Step-by-Step Plan to Creating Your Own Wow Project. In this course you will:

  • DISCOVER the Wow Project that totally juices you up to create!
  • DEVELOP rituals that will make completing is super easy and fun!
  • RELEASE your fears around failure and "Am I good enough?" (quick answer...yes you are!!!)
  • CREATE a timeline that encourages action and moves you forward right away.
  • DESIGNATE a specific schedule for creation, implementation that is foolproof.

Meet  your mentor

Leslie Becker has become a master at creating something from nothing. Projects are her passion, and helping you bring yours to fruition is what pumps her up! From writing The Organized Actor® and bringing it to market in only three days, to getting her video "Slow Burn" through two rounds for Grammy consideration for Best Music Video, Leslie has created a step-by-step system to getting projects off the ground!

Here are some successes...

Your WOW program last year helped me lay the groundwork to relaunch my audio drama podcast and I finally got the dang thing off the ground! All the stuff you taught us including planning and plotting, the little bits and pieces that take time and energy but aren't the "sexy" things to do got done and then I had to get out of my own way, tell my family to hold on a minute and make some mac and cheese for dinner, and get the dang thing done. And it is! Now I know how to schedule things so I can maintain and produce monthly audio dramas. In the meantime, I launched a completely different project, shot another film, and got my 200 hour yoga teacher certification. Thank you for all the help and advice you provided as part of the WOW project, and through your ongoing work. In particular, it has helped me reframe setbacks and recalibrate, to get back on track to achieving my goals. You remind me that I get to be the pilot of my own success.

Clara Harris
Clara Harris Actor, Podcaster, Yoga Instructor

I just had to write to tell you that my show that I created during the Wow Project Program just got picked up for a big concert at the Bruno Walter Theatre at Lincoln Center. I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you so much for the Wow Project Program and your guidance.

Jenny Stewart
Jenny Stewart Singer, Concert Creator, Manhattan Diva

I still have some questions....

When does the program start? (EXTENDED)

The program begins Monday, March 30 at 7 pm EST/4 pm PST

How do we take the program?

The program is delivered LIVE with Leslie via Phone Conference Call.

What if I miss a lesson?

All lessons are recorded and sent to you after the LIVE session.

Will there be homework and how much?

Yes, each week you'll be given tasks to complete that are directly in line with the creation of your project. I suggest a minimum of two hour each week toward completion (and more if so inclined).



If I opt for the deferred payment, how does that work?

You may choose to pay $19 today, then the remaining balance (plus processing fees) will be due on April 17. If you pay in full today $97, there are no additional processing fees.

Do I get to keep this program for life?

Yes, as with all of my programs you will have access to all materials for life.

Are there refunds?

No. Due to the nature of this program we do not offer refunds.

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